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Latest News from ICAHDQ

  • Posted in: Latest News

    Posted By Eun-Ju Lee, ICA President, (Seoul National U) , After serving on the faculty for over six years and securing tenure at UC Davis, I returned to my alma mater in South Korea. Soon after, when I met with my ICA friends, who are ...

  • Posted in: Latest News

    Posted By Silvio Waisbord, President-Elect (George Washington U) As you make plans for the upcoming Gold Coast conference, I wanted to bring your attention to two panels that will address the issue of scholars at risk. Barbie ...

  • Posted in: Latest News

    Posted on behalf of Oscar Davis, Sasha Goodwin, Chaundra Manorome, Samantha Vilkins Be prepared early With ICA acceptances out and registration open, now's the time to get prepared early for the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast ...

  • ICA24 Registration is Open!

    Posted in: Latest News

    We invite you to attend ICA's 74 th Annual Conference, Communication and Global Human Rights , from 20-24 June 2024. The purpose of this year's themes is threefold: to take stock of the contributions of communication scholarship to the study of ...

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  • Email SPAM and Phishing Season #ICA24

    This is a friendly reminder that each year, leading up to our annual conference, there is an increase in SPAM and phishing emails from those purporting to be ICA Staff. Unfortunately, there is very little we can do about this, other than be vigilant.

    A few things to remember:

    • Scammers often prey on trust and urgency, so always verify the authenticity of any email before taking action.
    • The International Communication Association will only contact you through the email addresses for official correspondence. Any communication purportedly from ICA staff, but originating from a different domain should be treated with suspicion.
    • ICA has a strict policy against selling member, convention, exhibitor, or social media lists. We do not sell lists. If you receive an offer claiming to provide such lists, it's a scam.
    • Eun-Ju, ICA President, does not need you to immediately pay $5,000 to ensure the ICA doors stay open.
    • Fake Claes, Fake Laura or any other alleged member of the Executive Committee do not need you to pay them $7,500 because Eun-Ju is away.
    • While I used AI to write this post as 'an expert in identity theft', be wary of any ‘staff’ messages not posted from official ICA accounts.

    "By staying informed and discerning, we can safeguard ourselves and our communities from falling victim to these fraudulent schemes." - AI Tom

  • #ICA24 Lodging (7 May)

    If you’re still looking for lodging in Gold Coast, we have some rooms available to sell in the housing block for #ICA24 as some attendees have adjusted their stays in various directions. Rooms currently available: Star Grand (19 rooms), Sofitel (25 rooms), and The Star Residences (3 apartments). If you’ve booked elsewhere, but want to shift into the block to be closer, we would love to welcome you!

  • Curated Tours Kiff+Culture: #ICA24

    From kayaking to luxury beach or winery multi-day stays, to nature walks and mountain hikes, from the hinterland to Byron Bay, Queensland has so much more to offer than just what you'll experience while in Gold Coast for #ICA24! A sampling of types of tours (outside of the curated packages from the conference itself) can be found here: 

  • Family Time Suggestions: #ICA24

    Bringing the whole family to #ICA24? We have some amazing suggestions for you, for before or after the conference! Check out the family experiences provided by Kiff+Culture, our official tour provider, here: From koalas and kangaroos to hiking and biking, there's no limit to the family-friendly adventures in Queensland. 

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