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Latest News from ICAHDQ

  • Posted in: Latest News

    Posted By Oscar Davis, Sasha Goodwin, Chaundra Manorome, and Samantha Vilkins Welcome to the second installment of a series of local insights, recommendations and advice for what to do, see, eat and explore around the Gold Coast. This ...

  • Posted in: Latest News

    Posted By Silvio Waisbord, President-Elect (George Washington U) Welcome to the last month of 2023! I hope you are well, as we wrap up the calendar year (and t he academic year in some regions of the world). I am pleased to inform ...

  • Posted in: Latest News

    Posted By Eun-Ju Lee, ICA President, (Seoul National U) What comes to your mind when you think of the ICA? To me, the two most salient things are the conferences and the journals. I'm delighted to share some exciting news on both fronts ...

  • Posted in: Latest News

    Call for ICA Journal Editors DEADLINE: 12:00 Noon ICA Headquarters Time (EST) on 31 January 2024 The ICA Publications Committee is soliciting applications for the next editor(s) of Human Communication Research and Communication, Culture ...

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  • In Memoriam 2020-2023


    2020 In Memoriam Dr. Emily A. Rauscher (PhD, University of Missouri) Dr. Kenneth Andersen (U of Illinois) Dr. Ibrahim Mostafa Saleh (U of Cape Town) Jean Ward (U of Minnesota) Bjorn Buss (Björn Buß) ...

  • Discussion

    Herbert Zettl, Ph.D. (1929 - 2023) Dr. Herbert Zettl, distinguished Professor Emeritus of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) at San Francisco State University died Monday, October 30th ...

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  • ICA Book Awards Nominations Deadline 6 December 2023

    The ICA Book Award nominations are open!

    Please submit a nomination between now and 6 December at 12:00 Noon ICA Headquarters Time (EST).

    • The Outstanding Book Award - The selection committee judges each nominated book on several criteria including the importance of the problem it addresses to the fields represented in ICA and to communication studies as a whole, the quality of writing and argument, and the strength of evidence it presents. The committee will consider all the available book reviews, the reputation of the publisher, and any other submitted evidence regarding the book's quality from independent sources, along with nominating letters and their own assessment of the nominated books.
    • The Fellows Book Award - Open to all ICA members, this award recognizes those books that have made a substantial contribution to the scholarship of the communication field as well as the broader rubric of the social sciences and have stood some test of time.

    If you would like to nominate a book for either the Outstanding Book Award or Fellows Book Award for 2024, please visit our award page for the nomination links. Award winners will be recognized during the 74th Annual ICA Conference. Learn more at .

    nominate a book
  • ICA in Africa Regional Conference starts today! 16-18 November 2023

    ICA in Africa Regional Conference starts today!

    16-18 November 2023
    University of Cape Town & Stellenbosch University | SOUTH AFRICA

    The conference theme is “De-centering international communication studies: African perspectives”.

    The conference theme builds on the imperative to de-Westernize communication studies that has been a concern in global communication scholarship for over a decade. This imperative has intensified in recent years as a result of calls to ‘decolonize’ communication scholarship by engaging with historical and contemporary power asymmetries in knowledge production.

    The theme invites contributions that will prompt participants to think through these imperatives from an African vantage point. The rationale is not to merely provide a platform for research on communication practices, norms and ideologies (as these are found on the African continent), but rather to use African viewpoints and experiences as a lens on global debates. Thus, the conference will seek to provide a platform from where global communication scholarship is interrogated and African scholars can ‘speak back’ to and disrupt the metropolitan centres of knowledge production.

    The act of ‘looking back’ at the European and colonial is not only looking back at but also looking back into the past. How can African scholars reorient the idea of Africa being the ground of case studies to test European theories? How can historical materials – archival or ‘rediscovered’ texts – support future research and innovation, and how can the reflective align with the prospective? How can new theories and models from Africa and the diaspora influence global perspectives?

    This reflection on African viewpoints on global issues takes place at the juncture of several contemporary moments of crisis. Africa and the rest of the Global South are disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis and pandemics. Geopolitical tensions reverberate through African economies while armed conflicts on the continent often go unnoticed or neglected in news media discourses. The COVID-19 pandemic affected the Global South disproportionately due to vaccine nationalism and maximalist approaches to intellectual property, while theoretical models seeking to explain the mitigation of disinformation and the development of health communication strategies often remain rooted in the contextual conditions of the Global North.

    The University of Cape Town (UCT) and Stellenbosch University (SU) are appropriate locations from which to interrogate questions of decoloniality in communication scholarship. UCT is the site of the #RhodesMustFall and #FeesMustFall student protests, which sparked an international student protest movement calling for the decolonization of curricula and the broadening of access to higher education. Likewise, at SU the #OpenStellenbosch movement opened up debates about the role of public universities in a transforming democracy. A great deal of this activism was mediated. At Stellenbosch 

    University the fallist movement also generated a lot of support and helped to initiate change. However, racist human rights abuses that occurred on campus in 2022 opened up wounds and led to the constitution of a commission led by Justice Sisi Khampepe to conduct an independent enquiry into allegations of racism at Stellenbosch University (SU), serving as a reminder of the incomplete work of decolonisation at Higher Education institutions. The ICA in Africa regional conference offers opportunities for engagement with scholars, students and public intellectuals from around the continent to debate these important and topical issues.

    Papers and panels could address the following themes:

    • Theories and praxis of decolonisation

    • Decolonising pedagogy

    • Political economy of knowledge production

    • Intellectual property, platforms and access to knowledge

    • African perspectives on internationalising communication studies

    • The African archive

    • Journalism in Africa

    • Digital media ecologies & practices in Africa

    • African screen cultures

    • Streaming platforms and African audiences/texts

    • Representations of Africa (including branding, marketing, etc)

    • Social change communication, social justice and activism

    • Africa and the climate crisis

    • Freedom of expression

    • Attacks on and threats to journalism

    • Trolling, cyber misogyny and doxxing

    • Disinformation, populism and xenophobia

  • NCA 109th Annual Convention: November 16-19, 2023

    Attending NCA? Bring a non-ICA member by our booth for a chance to win a US$50 gift card to the ICA store (OR) a free conference registration for ICA24.

    Exhibit Hours
    Wednesday - 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM
    Thursday - 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
    Friday - 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

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