Welcome to The Link

Welcome to The Link, the International Communication Association’s
online members-only community! 

The Link allows ICA members to easily connect, engage, and collaborate with other ICA members. Not sure if this space is somewhere you might want to engage?

  • Do you have a pressing question and want some feedback from ICA members (without dealing with social media bots and trolls)?
  • Would you like to collaborate with scholars from one of our 80+ countries with ICA members?
  • Do you have some resources to share that you feel would benefit other members?
  • Did you recently publish a book, get interviewed by a major news outlet, or get featured in an article and want to share? 
  • Are you looking to broaden your sources by discovering new and diverse authors to either cite or with whom to collaborate?”
  • Are you a student or new to ICA and you’re looking to learn more about ICA, how to get involved and engage within each of the divisions and interest groups?  
  • Do you simply want to introduce yourself and meet other like-minded professionals in your area of research, or who are going through the same challenges as you (like parenting as a scholar during a global pandemic)?    
If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then The Link is the space for you!

Click on the video clip below for a 2-minute introduction to navigating The Link:

A few helpful tips to help you get started


Division and Interest Group Communities:

If you joined a division or interest group upon joining or renewing your ICA membership, then you will automatically join that group on The Link. Check out these communities by navigating to Communities > My Communities and start a discussion today!

Public Communities:

There are a few public communities such as the Public Channel, and the Student and Early Career Resource Hub. All members of ICA can join and engage in the public communities. Simply navigate to My Communities, in the drop-down menu select "Communities I can join", then click join next to the public community you'd like to join.

Email notifications:

You can update your email notifications and consolidate your emails at any time. Simply visit your profile, navigate to My Account > Community Notifications to update your email preferences.

(Un)Follow Discussions:

After starting a discussion or replying to another member's discussion, you will automatically follow this thread. This means, you will receive an email notification every time someone replies or joins in on the discussion. You are welcome to unfollow the thread, and you'll still receive a daily digest (depending on your email preference). 

Similarly, if there is a discussion taking place and you do not yet want to join in but are interested in seeing what will come from the discussion, you can also choose to follow a thread.

To follow or unfollow a discussion toggle on or off the Follow button at the top right corner of the discussion.