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ICA24 Regional Hub Grantees Announced

  • 1.  ICA24 Regional Hub Grantees Announced

    Posted 25 days ago
    Edited by Tom Mankowski 5 days ago

    ICA is pleased to announce the acceptance of nine regional hubs for collaboration with the ICA24 hybrid conference in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Announced as a pilot in 2021 and put into practice at the fully virtual ICA21 meeting, ICA's hub program is now in its fourth successful year and has grown to spur the creation of a new Regional Chapters pilot project as well!

    This year's regional hubs will take place in:

    • Beijing, CHINA
    • Cairo, EGYPT
    • Manipal, INDIA
    • Medan, INDONESIA
    • Bandung/Jakarta, INDONESIA 
    • Nairobi, KENYA
    • Kaduna, NIGERIA 
    • Calabar, NIGERIA 
    • Lahore, PAKISTAN

    Hubs put together their own itinerary for the conference by combining their own in-person content with a group viewing of various curated sessions from the Gold Coast's hybrid offerings. More information and details are to come on the individual hubs and their events and sessions, calls for papers, virtual sessions that can be viewed by both in-person and remote attendees of ICA24, and how you can be involved in a regional hub by participating in a session from afar or inviting hub participants to take part remotely in one of your sessions in Australia. Stay tuned for our Regional Hubs page with more information and a list of organizers and their contact information. For more information about the Hubs program, please contact REACH Chair Claes de Vreese.

    Tom Mankowski
    Washington DC
    United States