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ICA23 Toronto Transportation Guide

  • 1.  ICA23 Toronto Transportation Guide

    Posted 29 days ago

    Toronto Transportation Guide

    How to get from Pearson International Airport to downtown Toronto. Includes how to use the "TTC" system (Metro/Streetcar/Buses).

    Transportation options, Pearson international airport to Toronto

    1. Taxi or Limo
      After departing baggage, follow signs to taxis and limos. Both offer flat rates (approx. $70 CAD one way); provide your driver your destination address and they will tell you the fare. A gratuity/tip is customary but not included in the price they quote to you. Transport from airport to hotel can 40 minutes or more depending on traffic.
      • Terminal 1 Pearson International Airport– Arrivals Level (Map)
        • Taxis: Door D
        • Limos: Door C
      • Terminal 3 Pearson International Airport– Arrivals Level (Map)
        • Taxis: Doors D, E and F
        • Limos: Door F
    2. Ride Share (Uber, Lyft, etc.)
      This is generally a less expensive than a taxi or limo. For pick up, follow signs for Ride Share; they are located:
      • Terminal 1: Ground Level, Door Q (Inner Curb)
      • Terminal 3: Arrivals Level, Zone 3 (Outer Curb)
    3. UP Express Train downtown
      This is a quick, reliable, comfortable express train to downtown Toronto, and the most affordable, sustainable (!) and fastest option. UP Train from Pearson airport to Union station takes 25 minutes.
      • Where: After you depart the airport baggage area, follow signs reading: "Train to the city" and/or follow the signs with this logo: 
      • When: UP Trains run every 15 minutes, daily from 5:38 – 23:38
      • Fare: Travel on UP from the airport to Union Station (main train/metro hub downtown); two purchasing options:
        • Purchase a single or return ticket on UP Express: Fare: $12.35 CAD Adult (19-64): one way, $24.70 CAD return/round trip; Senior (65+: return rate) $12.40 CAD; Family rate (one way) is $25.70 CAD.
        • Purchase a PRESTO card (for 25% fare reduction) valid for transport on UP Express and all TTC transportation (Metro/Streetcar/Buses): Fare: $9.25 CAD (Adult); $5.80 CAD (Senior); $7.41 CAD (Youth).
          • Note: You can only acquire the senior or youth Presto card in the city, at a Shopper's Drug mart; ID required.
          • Note: Purchasing a fare for the UP Express train does not cover your transfer to a metro, streetcar or bus, you must pay that fare.
      • Ticketing Options
        At the UP Express ticketing machine (at track entrance):
        • Purchase a PRESTO card: $6 one-time purchase fee; for use on UP Express airport train & all "TTC" public transport.
        • Purchase a single or return UP Express ticket: Optional: You can purchase a UP ticket online or via UP app up to 7 days prior to travel; you must activate it via email instructions or the app, 30 minutes before you travel.
      • Choose your UP Express Ticket destination
        • Union station: most ICA members will choose this station; access to Sheraton/downtown locations
        • Bloor Street station: for locations west of downtown; this is closest to the "Dundas West" metro station; take metro from there to your destination
        • Weston station: station far west/close to airport
      • How to transfer
        Ride to your station, and transfer to your destination (TTC or cab or by foot)
        • To transfer from UP Express train to the Sheraton Centre Hotel:
          • Exit at Union Station & follow signs to the TTC metro; the signs look like this: 
          • Buy a TTC fare ticket or use a PRESTO card; take Line 2 (Yellow) (Northbound toward Vaughan Metropolitan Centre); ride for two stops, exit at Osgoode station; follow exit signs to "W side University Avenue;" Walk 300 meters to Sheraton Centre Hotel (123 Queen Street W)

    Additional information: Using the TTC in Toronto

    How to use Presto card:

    • For UP train: Tap the PRESTO card to board train and Tap the PRESTO card when departing (to ensure the proper fare is debited)
    • For Metro, Streetcar or Bus: just tap card when entering metro, streetcar or bus; no need to tap out when departing
    • If you don't have sufficient funds for your ride, the card will be declined at the TTC entrance, and you can add extra funds at the ticketing machine

    Fares: TTC (Metro, street car, bus)

    (Note: children under 12 ride free on TTC)

    Fare type Adult Youth (13-19) Senior (65+)
    Single fare CAD $3.35 CAD $2.40 CAD $2.30

    Benefits of purchasing a PRESTO Card:

    • Functions on the UP express airport train and all TTC (Toronto transport commission) transportation (including metro, street cars and buses).
    • Paying for the UP train with Presto, saves you 25% off the normal UP train rate. Note: At the airport, you can only buy an "adult" Presto card
    • In Toronto, discount PRESTO cards can be purchased by seniors, youth (13-19) and post-secondary students. Bring government ID to any Shopper's Drug Mart to qualify to purchase these discounted PRESTO cards.
    • Children 12 and under ride free on the UP airport train and all TTC transportation
    • You can load and reload the card as you need (at the station ticketing machine, in any metro)
    • Click for more Pass and fare information (see below for images of fare rates)

    PRESTO (pay-as-you-go)

    Fare Type Adult Youth (13-19) Senior (65+)
    PRESTO CAD $3.30 CAD $2.35 CAD $2.25
    PRESTO One-ride ticket CAD $3.35 CAD $3.35 CAD $3.35
    PRESTO Two-ride ticket CAD $6.70 CAD $6.70 CAD $6.70
    PRESTO Day pass ticket CAD $13.50 CAD $13.50 CAD $13.50
    Fair Pass Transit Discount CAD $2.10 N/A N/A

    How to ride the TTC (metro, street cars and buses):

    • Buy a Presto card (for cheaper fares) or single ride tickets at a ticket machine in metro station.
    • You can use one fare to travel across metro, street cars and buses, in a continuous direction, for a two-hour period.
    • Proof of transfer (from metro to street car or bus): If you purchase a PRESTO card, your "transfer" is recorded digitally on your card; you can access a paper transfer (at machines) at TTC stations, but paper transfers are increasingly obsolete and TTC staff seem to have stopped asking for them.

    Navigating the Toronto Metro system

    • The Toronto metro is not extensive and is easy to use.
    • Click here for maps and schedules for TTC metro and street car lines.
    • Google and Apple maps will map your route on the TTC.
    • Downtown has two metro lines.
      • Line 1 (yellow) runs North/South.
      • Line 2 (green) runs East/West

    How to enter the Toronto metro

    • Insert ticket or tap Presto card on the turnstile/entry sensor, and the gate will open.
    • One rider per tap; Presto passes are not transferable (each rider must purchase their own Presto card). You do not need to tap out of the metro or buses.
    • Children under 12 ride the TTC for free: TTC workers will not query you about your children's ages; enter your child through the turnstile closest to the TTC staff person, alert them that your child is under 12 and they will open the gate for them.

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