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An Update on The Link: Connecting ICA Members Through Communities

  • 1.  An Update on The Link: Connecting ICA Members Through Communities

    Posted 05-12-2023 07:43

    The Link: Connecting ICA Members Through Communities

    In January 2021, ICA introduced The Link, our member engagement platform.  Engagement momentum has steadily increased since. Here, we offer some easy steps to get started if you are new to ICA and/or The Link

    The Link is structured to house a variety of communities. You are automatically subscribed to the public channel community, as well as your specific division and interest group communities (based on those you join/renew each year). Posts to the public channel reach the broadest audience (all ICA members). Division and interest group communities are great spaces to learn about division/interest group announcements or discussions specific to your research foci. Each community pursuing a unified goal: to connect ICA members.

    Connect with peers to share strategic advice, solve challenges and develop new approaches. 
    The Link affords you the opportunity to hold members-only dialogues about important research topics, ask questions about academic and personal topics that pertain to a specific community (Student & Early Career, each of the 33 divisions/interest groups, academic parenting challenges, pandemic support, tenure & promotion advice, etc...these are all individual groups to which members can choose to belong).

    New Feature: Latest News: Updates from ICA Headquarters
    In addition to our social media presence, we will be regularly adding important updates to The Link via the Latest News section. You need to look no further than The Link's homepage to find the most current updates. For your convenience these updates do not require being signed in to view – making it easy to stay up to date on all things ICA.

    Featuring customizable notification & email settings.
    You have a choice for how, and how often, you wish to engage. You may choose to get new messages as they come in or only receive a daily (or weekly) digest of all the conversations taking place in your group(s). 

    Getting started.
    ICA members enjoy a single sign in to access The Link. Simply sign into your ICA member profile, then hover over the "membership tab" and select The Link.  

    +PROTIP: Watch this tutorial video to learn more about signing in, navigating communities, posting & replying to threads & configuring your notification settings.

    Ease of access; connect on The Link via mobile app.
    Prefer to Link via mobile app? It's easy to do. 

    1. In the app store, search for & download "Connected Community" [Apple store | Google store]

    2. {only necessary the first time you sign in} Enter the ICA domain:

    3. Enter your member credentials (the username & password you use to sign into your ICA member profile)

    +PROTIP: Watch this tutorial video to learn how to download, sign into, and navigate the mobile app.  

    Bonus engagement: ICA's Affinity Groups.
    We invite you to also consider joining one, or more, of the following affinity group offerings should they be of interest to you. Some of these are new and just getting started while others have been in place for awhile with a bit more robust content. These groups are completely optional to join and unite members in cross divisional/interest group discussions; more broadly applicable to all academics regardless of research foci.  

    Need help?
    If you have any questions, we're happy to help! Please contact us at

    Posted By ICA Member Services Team

    Tom Mankowski
    Washington DC
    United States