• #ICA23 OPENING PLENARY: Authenticity at the Heart of Communication (Scholarship)

    ICA23 OPENING PLENARY: Authenticity at the Heart of Communication (Scholarship)
    Chairs: Eun-Ju Lee (Seoul National U)
    5:45 PM - 7:00 PM
    LC LIVESTREAM - Grand Ballroom East (Sheraton)

    Participant(s): Sarah Banet-Weiser (London School of Economics and Political Science), Rajiv Rimal (Johns Hopkins U), Pablo Boczkowski (Northwestern U) and Joseph Walther (U of California, Santa Barbara)

    Session Notes: Featuring four world-renowned communication scholars across various subfields: Sarah Banet-Weiser (U of Southern California & U of Pennsylvania), Pablo Boczkowski (Northwestern U), Rajiv Rimal (Johns Hopkins U) and Joseph B. Walther (U of California, Santa Barbara), this special forum will allow us to hear how these leading scholars define authenticity in their respective areas of research, which cover popular media and consumer culture, online/digital news and journalism, health communication and normative influence, and technology-mediated communication; what practical and theoretical significance they think authenticity has in human communication and communication research; how the notion of authenticity can be integrated into future research endeavors to better understand and explain a wide range of communication-related phenomena at individual and societal levels, and so forth. The plenary will include a Land Recognition and brief performance by the Toronto Council Fire, a nonprofit that empowers and educates indigenous youth about indigenous culture.