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ICA's First Annual "Little Free Library" at #ICA23

  • 1.  ICA's First Annual "Little Free Library" at #ICA23

    Posted 23 days ago

    Due to a recent "spring cleaning" at ICA headquarters, we have multiple years of extra copies of ICA journals, other association journals, and communication textbooks galore, including decades' worth of hard copies of ICA Book Award Nominees.

    We've had bad luck in the past with shipping-it's expensive and things often get lost- so we're bringing the whole lot to Toronto on our shipment of conference supplies! This is a very tangible form of "open access" – we are delighted to offer these resources to our members who teach or study at underfunded schools, particularly in the Global South. Much like the concept of Little Free Libraries in neighborhoods around the world, you can either take a book or give a book.

    Maybe you take a book in Toronto, and bring it back and get something new in Australia during ICA24. You can keep it for as long as you like, and it's an honor system, no "check out" process and no late fees! Stop by the ICA booth in the Exhibit Hall on the lower concourse of Sheraton Centre and "shop 'til you drop" (literally…books are heavy). You might even consider bringing an extra carry-on bag to take books home! Conversely, if you come from a school with an abundance of resources, please consider bringing books with you to Toronto to ADD to the Little Free Library to support your global #CommUnity! It's a great (and easy) way to give back to the field, and it's a wonderful way of nurturing the next generation of communication scholars. 

    See you in the stacks! 


    Tom Mankowski
    Washington DC
    United States